On backorder

Wheel Analytics is backordered. Dozens of components go into the manufacture of WA-1 controllers and one is having availability problems. Islandix has alerts in place for re-stock at every distributor and is in contact with the manufacturer for priority access to new production.

To be notified when Wheel Analytics is in stock please use the online contact form. Or if you prefer, the site will continue accepting orders. Backorders are eligible for a 100% refund at any time prior to shipment. The advantage of placing a backorder is priority access to tools, which will be allocated in the order of payment. Backorders are offered at the price of previous manufacturing, which will be difficult to maintain in this inflationary environment.

August 10 update: parts have landed and manufacturing continues! The near term focus is fulfilling backorders. Backorders are expected to ship at the end of August and Wheel Analytics will return to in-stock status sometime in September.