Islandix and are shorthand references to Islandix Instruments Corporation, a business registered and operating from the Province of British Columbia, Canada. The products and services described herein are furnished by Islandix Instruments Corporation and no other person or entity.


Information you share is treated with respect. By default neither your name nor identifying information about you is shared with any person or entity except as minimally required to communicate between us and complete transactions. Islandix does not handle payment information however payment information and shipping details are collected by our credit card processor, covered by their privacy policy. Otherwise if the cops want your information, they’ll need a warrant.

If you are an Islandix customer or a user of Islandix-sponsored free software or supplied your email address for this purpose, you may receive a low volume of announcements from us (no more than quarterly but typically less). Each message includes an unsubscribe link, which may be used to permanently end newsletters at any time. Contact information used for this purpose is not shared outside Islandix.


In no event shall Islandix Instruments Corporation, its directors, employees or suppliers be liable for damages whether direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, strict tort, owing to negligence, or on any other legal theory, including but not limited to damages arising from physical injury to persons or property in the course of use or mis-use of products sold or serviced.


All parties unconditionally and irrevocably agree the sole venue for claims or disputes is the courts of the Province of British Columbia at Victoria, Canada. Without regards to principles of conflicts of law, the laws of the Province of BC shall govern all matters arising from or related to transactions with Islandix.