To retrieve a calibration, enter your calibration number:

Wheel Analytics can check for software updates, presenting them for installation with a single click. Enable this feature by selecting Check for updates on the Settings tab of the main screen. Recommended for all users.

For manual software installation navigate to the Update tab on your Wheel Analytics tool. Follow the link to the download page and save a release. Return to the Update tab, click Select file, and choose the downloaded file.

It’s impossible to harm Wheel Analytics with bad or forgotten configuration. If needed Wheel Analytics may be booted in rescue mode, which allows configuration to be inspected, updated or reset to factory defaults. Access rescue mode by pressing both foot pedal buttons and connecting the WA-1 controller to power. Hold both depressed for 60 seconds. The rescue interface is made available via the Islandix Rescue hotspot network (password: truelove) or via if connected to a computer by USB.

If an application appears to be working incorrectly, it’s helpful to replicate the problem using other equipment. This includes using a different browser on the same device or connecting from a different device altogether. Reports of browser and system compatibility issues are welcome.

Report issues to SUB_EMAIL_ADDRESS. It’s helpful to describe the equipment being used with Wheel Analytics such as platform and browser. Screenshots or photographs of screens are helpful in some cases. Please mention your version of Wheel Analytics software, which is printed on the welcome screen. If you are not running the latest software release, you will be asked to upgrade as the first step in any problem resolution.

Islandix does not use a junk email filter so be assured your message will arrive. Each new support topic receives an email acknowledgement confirming receipt. If you don’t see an automatic reply within one hour, please check your junk mail folder. If you don’t see an automatic reply within one hour, consider the possibility your email provider is blocking our replies. In this case please get in touch again using a less diabolical email provider. For telephone and video support, consider IslandixCare.

Trial period. Wheel Analytics is warranted for satisfaction and compatibility for 30 days from the date of delivery. Within this period returns are accepted for any reason. Please email SUB_EMAIL_ADDRESS to arrange a return. On receipt of goods in new condition in their original packaging, a refund will be processed for the original purchase amount exclusive of shipping.

Guarantee. Islandix-manufactured equipment, including the WA-1 controller and FP-2 foot pedal, is warranted against defects in manufacturing for a period of three years from the date of purchase. Unless otherwise specified, other tools and accessories including but not limited to indicators and cables are warranted free of defects for one year from purchase. At our discretion Islandix Instruments Corporation will repair or replace any components determined to be defective. Warranty terms are extended to the original purchaser and include parts, labor and one-way shipping by postal airmail or a freight subsidy of the same value. This is a return-for-repair warranty with the cost of return freight borne by the purchaser. For enhanced warranty service, consider IslandixCare.

IslandixCare is a premium support plan for manufacturing environments. It adds telephone and videoconference options on top of standard email support. Premium includes warranty service upgrades including expedited cross-shipment of replacement parts. It upgrades the guarantee on all Islandix tools in your workshop to lifetime warranty for the duration of your subscription. IslandixCare is $69 CAD per month (approx. $49 USD, €49 EUR).