Wheel Analytics

Designed for accuracy and job satisfaction. Three years in development, tested by professional mechanics.

Digital upgrade

Adapts the truing stand you already have so you don't have to discard an old friend. Same muscle memory. Same tactile experience. Wheelbuilding applications can be controlled using the Islandix duplex foot pedal.


Display visualizations on the device you already own or even more than one. Supporting most smartphones, tablets and personal computers, Wheel Analytics renders in modern browsers so you can stick to the platform you prefer.

Transistor truing

The tool is designed to improve your wheels and provide receipts for your efforts. It stimulates multi-dimensional thinking, which speeds wheelbuilding and repairs. TLDR: better wheels from a more pleasurable process.


Islandix Wheel Analytics reads data from digital indicators and creates useful visualizations for wheelbuilding.



Connect the truing stand indicators, duplex foot pedal and power cable.



Add Wheel Analytics to your wireless network or connect using USB.



Build wheels in two dimensions. Zero in on repairs faster than ever.


Wheel Analytics is Digitally Integrated Truing. The tool includes two modules for truing bicycle wheels.


Lateral and radial alignment are plotted in a unified view to support two-dimensional reasoning.

Realtime data

Data from digital indicators is continuously and automatically updated for a live view of alignment.

History tracking

Extremes of alignment are tracked so the most deviant locations can be quickly identified for repair.

Stop zeroing

Lateral and radial midpoints are relocated to the center. This means no zeroing physical indicators. Ever.

Tolerance testing

Build consistent wheels by setting a tolerance target. Get spatial feedback on progress toward completion.

Teaching tool

Wheel Analytics suggests adjustments using decision logic intended to improve lateral and radial together.


Tensio futurism

More analytics—Islandix provides two modules for interfacing with bicycle tensiometers.


Not another app

No apps to download, install or update. No app store. Wheel Analytics supports mobile platforms using the builtin web browser you already have. Or use an alternative browser. Or change whenever. Read more…


The Goods

Wheel Analytics is sold as a bundle for upgrading your existing truing stand to digital. The kit includes:


Islandix WA-1 controller

The WA-1 controller is the brains of the operation. It connects two digital indicators, foot pedal and all cables. Visualizations are served over Wifi or USB (to compatible systems).


Islandix FP-2 pedal

The FP-2 puts digital controls at your feet so the muscle memory of working with your hands remains the same. Includes a generous 3m/9ft cable for routing under and behind deep workbenches.


Optional: indicators

Add two Mitutoyo digital indicators, each with a high contrast display. Includes premium contact points: a bearing roller tip for lateral inspection and a flat tip for radial. Or use your own indicators.


More information for mechanics doing their research. If you don't find the answer to your question, please ask.


The system includes a printed manual describing setup and operation in detail. Numerous diagrams unpack data rendered in wheelbuilding visualizations. You're invited to view the manual to learn more about Wheel Analytics.

Free updates?

Fixes and features can be added with downloadable software updates. Reserving the right to distribute new applications as paid upgrades, all ideas currently on the drawing board will be available at no charge. No penalty for purchasing now.

Can I choose units?

Truing modules show all values in millimeters, performing a conversion in case an indicator is set to inch mode. Tension calibrations may be entered in Newtons or kgf. Tension values may be rendered in Newtons or kgf according to user preference.

Which tensiometers?

Wheel Analytics isn't tied to a specific tensiometer. It talks to any tool with a Mitutoyo-compatible digital indicator. Conversion tables can be entered according to your tool. Inquire about buying retrofit digital indicators to update your tensiometer.

Integrated solution?

Current shipments are limited to digital upgrade kits for your existing truing stand. According to demand Islandix may offer a complete truing stand bundle and/or a compatible tensiometer. Toolmakers interested in collaborating, please email.


The WA-1 controller works with 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz wireless networks with/without WPA2 encryption. Where drivers available, systems may connect over USB (tested: Mac OS X 10.14, Windows 10 Professional). Visualizations render in modern browsers.


If you have a reliable wireless network, it's probable Wheel Analytics will work for you. Most platforms capable of running a modern browser will work. Wheel Analytics is guaranteed for compatibility—returns accepted within 30 days of delivery.


The WA-1 controller and FP-2 foot pedal are warranted against defects in manufacturing for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Bundled accessories such as indicators, power adapter and cables carry a one year warranty.

Sold out?

Islandix aims to keep tools in stock but sometimes we run behind. Online checkout indicates the current stock status and shipping schedule. Backorders placed for future fulfillment are eligible for free freight as thanks for your patience.






    Wheel Analytics


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    Wheel Analytics

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