Islandix is gearing up for 2024. The production schedule for the next twelve months has been set down — with more parts on hand we can plan for evenly spaced deliveries through the year. Dates and pricing in the online shop. Here are updates to help us meet the challenges of growth:


Islandix has shipped to over 20 countries, which makes flat-rate freight difficult. From 2024 shipping is invoiced at actual cost (no handling charges or other fees). Helpfully better shipping contracts and new custom packaging make freight cheaper than last year. You have a choice of DHL, FedEx, UPS and tracked airmail. Have access to better rates? We’re happy to charge nothing and ship with your label.


Islandix products have proven robust in the field with a failure rate approaching zero. From 2024 the warranty term on Islandix-manufactured products will be upgraded to three years! This change is retroactive, applying to past purchases. The warranty on accessories, including Mitutoyo, remains one year.

The Islandix warranty is (and has always been) a return-for-repair service. Parts, labor and one-way airmail with tracking are included. If Islandix is mission-critical in your workshop, consider owning an expansion kit since that will keep you going even if a controller is sent for repair.

Premium support

It’s tricky to market Wheel Analytics to small shops and volume manufacturers at the same time. The tool is the same but the needs are not. Islandix strives to keep prices affordable so little is built into the price for service luxuries.

2024 introduces IslandixCare, a premium support plan for manufacturing environments. It adds telephone and videoconference options on top of standard email support. Premium includes warranty service upgrades including expedited cross-shipment of replacement parts. It upgrades the guarantee on all Islandix tools in your workshop to lifetime warranty for the duration of your subscription. IslandixCare is $69 CAD per month (approx. $49 USD, €49 EUR).