I want to build tools that last a long time so I think a lot about quality. It pays to be specific on this topic—otherwise it’s just thoughts and prayers.

Initial production quotas were set below manufacturing capacity to allow more focus on quality. It allowed time to finish in-house automated testing tools including the custom tool below, unofficially called the Digimatic Cannon. It emulates a pair of Mitutoyo-compatible digital indicators, which allows each WA-1 to be tested with an external signal source. The Digimatic Cannon generates readings at four times the peak indicator data rate, which is designed to expose tolerance problems (circuits are more sensitive when run faster). Each WA-1 gets a few hours on the Digimatic Cannon with the data processed and streamed over Wifi and USB simultaneously for an end-to-end-to-end test at impossibly high data rates. Software verifies no readings are lost and no transmission delays are experienced.