It’s the end of another year — thanks for your help making it a successful one.

Last year’s retrospective laid out the Islandix origin story and said 2022 would be about sales. The resulting customer contacts led to an influx of suggestions, which is appreciated. This post offers commentary on the most common ones. Broadly these fall into three categories: cost, hardware and software.

Cost is always a challenge and it’s likely prices will increase before summer 2023. Efforts to offer low-cost indicators are ongoing. Unfortunately cheap indicators need intensive quality checks at the retail level and too many are unsuitable for sale (this could be it’s own article). After shouldering the costs of quality assurance and writing off the rejects, customers are happy but no profit remains.

Hardware feature requests go two ways. One common request is for more inclusive solutions, meaning the existing hardware bundled with a truing stand and/or tensiometer. That’s fair but Islandix is a company of one so this sort of expansion is unrealistic for the time being.

The other popular request is a controller with three ports to give the tensiometer a dedicated connection. This is a fun idea and preliminary work on the electronics and industrial design is done. The cost of the three-port tool is estimated to be 50% higher than the existing two-port design. That means the existing design can’t be discontinued if an expanded tool is brought to market, which rules out this project in the near term. For customers who need dedicated tensio electronics the solution is to have a second WA-1 controller. Inquire for special pricing if this applies to you.

It’s more straightforward to make progress on software and two customer requests will ship next month. By far the most popular request is the ability to make radar graphs of spoke tension. To this end the SpokeService tension graphing utility has been reworked for the Islandix ecosystem — generate the same visualizations using your WA-1 controller and FP-2 foot pedal including custom tensio calibrations. Find numerous improvements in this edition.

A handful of customers have asked for a way to visualize dish (wheel centering) along with alignment. This has been on the roadmap since launch but planned in tandem with an Islandix truing stand fixture. By request we’ve accelerated dish visualization for all truing stands and this feature will ship in January. Stay tuned for an article on dish.

Other suggestions? Your ideas are welcome.